Saturday, July 31, 2021

Tuk Fast Tuk Furious - Gedanken zu einem schnellen Wettrennen-RPG

Tuk Tuk Tournament Cover Page mit Tuktuks vor einer Startlinie

Tuk Fast Tuk Furious ist ein kurzes Erzählspiel, das in dreißig bis fünfzig Minuten gespielt werden kann. Es geht um ein aufregendes Rennen von sogenannten Tuktukeros, den Fahrerinnen und Fahrern der dreirädrigen Vehikel, die in verschiedenen Ländern der Welt meist als Taxis fungieren.
In diesem Artikel (zuerst veröffentlicht auf Erzählspiel-Zine, hier noch aktualisiert und ergänzt), beschreibe ich den Entwicklungsprozess des Spiels und teile meine Design-Gedanken. 

Friday, May 7, 2021

Three Forms of LAOGs

LAOG logo floating in a spiral between a camera, an eye and a palette icon

In this article, I present a categorisation of LAOGs - depending on how they make use of the communication channels in place. I identify three different forms: The Diegetic Call, The Invisible Call and The Metaphorical Call. Let me take you on this journey of design exploration. Then make up your own mind how your experience fits or does not fit into this picture. 

Sunday, March 22, 2020

An Overview of existing LAOGs - Live Action Online Games

Live action is for everybody. Larping online makes larping accesible to a completely new audience, makes it much easier for people with kids, financial,  mental or physical constraints and allows for a truly global audience at a minimum of environmental costs.

It's time to list all the existing games (of my knowledge) and where to find them. [EDIT: So many larps have been transitioned to be played online due to the Corono-crisis, I can't list them all but will focus on those with interesting design choices specifically for online play.]

Saturday, February 29, 2020

My RPG year 2019 part 2: Statistics and insights I

Five players enjoy putting on makeup together as part of the game
Playing Makeup Moments in 2019
In the following I dive deep into the statistics I made around my gaming in 2019. That is much more than a count of sessions. I compare with the four previous years on what genres I played, with whom I played and many other sometimes surprisingly interesting insights I find in this data. Come with me, have a look at how I played and maybe reflect on your own patterns and how they might have changed over time.

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

My RPG year 2019 part 1: Looking back

It's 2020 and time to look back to my RPG life 2019. Again, I have done statistics and will publish them here in three successive articles. This first one will be about what generally has happened in my RPG life.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

My RPG year 2018 Part 3: Characters of the Year Awards

Picture by Tina Cassati
This is about the characters I played. In Part 1 of my review of 2018 I talked about my RPG activities, in Part 2 about my gaming - but now we come to the core of it: the roles - as in role playing. This third and celebratory post is giving all the attention to our protagonists: the characters we played.  Let's give them all a big applause for the good time they gave us.

Monday, April 8, 2019

My RPG year 2018 Part 2: Statistics and insights

Statistics sound boring. But they don't need to be. I track my roleplaying activities to learn, to reflect and to make visible. I think there are some interesting points in here for others, too, hence the publication of the data and my accompanying thoughts.

This is the second part of me looking back into 2018 and what has happened in terms of roleplaying for me personally. Part 1 focused on my activities beside playing. This part is about playing. Part 3 will be the award ceremony for the characters I played.