Ein About schreibe ich die Tage auch noch mal.

Hier aus Nostalgie-Gründen aber schon mal die Präambel der alten CMS Seite, die bis 2008 von mir gepflegt wurde, und aus deren Grund online gegangen ist:

Natürlich ist alles Zahl, zumindest im Netz zwischen Bits und Bytes. Auch in der Politik: Zwischen Statistiken, Wirtschaftskennziffern und Wahlumfragen alles Zahl. Im dunkelbunten Nachtleben drehen wir uns zum Rhythmus der Musik, rechnen uns Chancen für ne schnelle Nummer beim nächsten Date aus. Alles ist Zahl. Widerspruch? Dann bitte ein deduzierbarer!

What is this website about? First of all: who is running this website? And for which purpose? What can you find here? Is everything number? What does this have to do with Pythagoras? Why Pi? 

First of all for all non German speakers: Alles ist Zahl means "All is number" and refers to a famous quote by ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras. I guess, that already explains a lot. 

Many years ago Jan and Gerrit Reininghaus, two brothers both studying mathematics and living together in Berlin decided to found their own page on the web. What lead to the idea of having an own page was at the beginning just the opinion that we are knowing, experiencing and discovering things we want to share with others. 

Jan, who was also studying computer science at that time, was responsible for setting up a content management system whereas Gerrit as a student of philosophy was planning a conceptual structure for the page. 

Finally, we saw four categories we wanted to talk about: our subcultural and nightlife explorations of Berlin (Dunkelbunt), events in our daily life of public interest (Leben), our opinions and activities in politics (Politik) and finally our scientific work (Alles ist Zahl). 

Combining as well our programs (math, philosophy, computer science) as our general understanding of the world we decided that we like to call our webpage alles-ist-zahl - after the famous quote of the ancient Greek Pythagoras. 

Pythagoras stated that the world can be described in terms of relations between natural numbers. For example I could say that I am twice as tall as the table next to me is high. And 5 chairs like the chair I am sitting on above each other are double as high than me, i.e. the chair has 2/5 the height of me. 

We all know today that the world cannot be described just in terms of fractions, the so called rational numbers, but the mathematical world consists of much more numbers (algebraic numbers such as roots, transcendent numbers such as Pi or e).

Still, Pythagoras words are more true than ever. The scientific world view has changed the shape of the world dramatically since the time of Enlightment. Basis of all science is mathematics, a science dedicated to pure thinking - "what can not be thought differently". Complex formulas, based on strict criterias of consistency, contain such a dense form of knowledge, of ideas, that a single theory explained on a few pages can change the world. May it be the invention of the computer, relativity theory or dynamics of financial markets. 

Therefore, we look with excitement on these changes and the spread of the words "Alles ist Zahl": an idea which embraces clarity and open mindedness. Which does not know any cultural borders, which denies that anything is "given", any dogma. Which grows if it is shared and is inexcludable by definition. 
Alles ist Zahl sees itself in the tradition of great thinkers such as David Hilbert (who we just quoted indirectly), Moritz Schlick and Rudolf Carnap, i.e. the Vienna Circle and its positivistic fellows. We feel obliged to share our insights with the world, we embrace all cultural and artistics streams which share the basic values of tolerance, belief in human kind and the inrevocable benefits of scientific progress.