Friday, September 9, 2022

My RPG work

My name is Gerrit and I'm a TTRPG and LAOG designer. Are you interested in the games I have designed? Have a look into this post. If you are interested in an exchange with me about your or my design? Join the Gauntlet community, engage with me on Twitter or join the Facebook group on Remote, Digital Larps and Live-Action Online Games. 

Saturday, January 8, 2022

My RPG statistics for 2020 and 2021

 This is how my RPG and LAOG / larp life looked like in the last years - in numbers. Follow me on a statistical ride, based on the form I'm using to track information about the sessions I played. Since I missed posting about the stats for 2020, this is looking back at two years. More so, since I'm now doing stats since 2015, I have now 7 years I can compare with each other. Sounds like a decent time series, doesn't it? 

Surprise, surprise, my gaming moved online over the pandemic. Also, I played a lot less. From the all-time-high in 2017 with 370 hours of gaming, I'm down to 130 hours in 2021. That still sounds like enough to me. The stats nicely show that pandemic times weren't a drastic shift in gaming. Quite the opposite, my gaming has been mainly online since 2017 - when we had moved to Guatemala.  I'm a fan of playing online: the variety of people I can play with, the setup, the commitment to logistics. 

All the following figures are percentages in gaming hours - not counted in sessions. Which means that longer sessions have a higher weight. That seems to me to be the more useful stat as more time usually also means higher importance and hopefully more joy.