Thursday, April 11, 2019

My RPG year 2018 Part 3: Characters of the Year Awards

Picture by Tina Cassati
This is about the characters I played. In Part 1 of my review of 2018 I talked about my RPG activities, in Part 2 about my gaming - but now we come to the core of it: the roles - as in role playing. This third and celebratory post is giving all the attention to our protagonists: the characters we played.  Let's give them all a big applause for the good time they gave us.


Most epic characters of the year

  1. Sherianus the Schatten im Zwielicht haunted by demon dogs on the bottom of the ocean
  2. Reza, the Quasimodo like guardian of the Gate to Eternal Silence before the Downfall
  3. ZimZim the Youtube Starlet interviewing our team of the End Game

  • Caspian the Fox of Spirit Lake, accompanying the Child Magus to the Fall of Magic
  • Kej the reincarnated Deer Goddess wearing a Mask in Lisbon
  • Leirix the first Charlatan pretending to be a Murderous Ghost

Best antagonists of the year

  1. Killer of All, the inventor of Australian Tuk Fast Tuk Furious Death Races
  2. Bast, the Mysterious Lady lifting the veil Between cruelty and beauty
  3. Murgol, Wizad of the Night, waiting for heroes to beat him in his Wald ohne Wiederkehr

  • Chonita Tacaxoy, the torn between good and evil mayor and an Atitlan Rider
  • Penguines from Madagascar planting bombs to stop Spiderman and Batman, such a Dread
  • Myranar the Troll-Dragon, cursing the heroes until his death for Bastrabuns Bann

Most bad-ass characters of the year

  1. Sargon, the Druid in his tornado driven tree house full of Schatten im Zwielicht
  2. Tek'la Atchi The Whisper in Whitethorn Manor, seeing Blades in the Dark for her family
  3. Jakke the Gabba Boy was over 200bpm Tuk Fast Tuk Furious

  • Edna, chief executive of the science commission on Mars with a very specific Dialect
  • Giant spider Qu-Aqqal is a Schatten im Zwielicht and builds a nest out of spaceships
  • Concierge of the Sultan of Selem Aduban goes Cthulhu Dark

Most bleedy characters of the year

  1. Singapore based woman at a Turning Point about wanting a child
  2. A German teenager in a Star Crossed love with an American girl on a trip through Italy
  3. The Others in The Tragedy of GJ237b

  • The eldery scientist deeply in love with a fire elemental in a Mundane Supernatural Life
  • Antonia Daubern, the Moderator for the Election of the Wine Queen
  • Gungun the Shy Ogre with a Girl Underground

Most touching characters of the year

  1. Aziza, the Tzon cultist and gardener in The Heart, a colony with a new Dialect
  2. Tariq, a cavallery soldier from Algeria, finding Red Carnations on a Black Grave
  3. Cassati Diamante, The Ghost haunted by her baby in a story of True Beauty

  • Orraman, lover and protector of the ghulish of Rashdul in Bastrabuns Bann
  • The rat with a deadly disease, deadly for their Star Crossed beloved
  • Julia, The Wyrm, whose Monsterheart Mercy Falls 83 gets killed by those who she killed

Coolest characters of the year

  1. Schmettarling the Lucha Libre Tuktukero who was Tuk Fast Tuk Furious
  2. Chooy the Kid with the lichee digimon called Lichamon in a Digimon adventure
  3. Ghost ants in a Murderous Ghosts strawberry

  • The Wanna-Be Vampire Prince on a Schummelabenteuer
  • Lolita Tacaxoy - Illegal woodworker fighting her sister as Atitlan Riders
  • Tallios the Marble Mage on a journey into Dark Davokhar

Most competent characters of the year

  1. The Daughter who made a sex tape and thinks she should talk with her family
  2. The Compostologist in the Society of Vegan Sorcerers
  3. Sam's partner doing a charity for children with cancer before the End Game

  • Alrik, Slayer of the Emperor, in his Schummelabenteuer
  • A Slave in Drazu's Dungeon World, being freed by a brave Ninja
  • Sukula, the Goblin Shaman hopes for a Quiet Year or her tribe

Best friend character of the year

  1. Captain Almoso, best friend but clueless of our Schatten im Zwielicht agents
  2. Bonito, the clumsy dragon scouting for their friends on a Dragon Journey
  3. The beautiful ice skater with blue hair - just for Yuri on Ice

  • Anselm, the wormlike servant of the Master Druid, in Schatten im Zwielicht
  • The ghost who got betrayed by their best friend to return as a Murderous Ghost
  • Daredevil Gerrit with his slingshot, either Truth or Daring

The purest characters of the year

  1. The magic tails living on an asteroid in a Quiet Year
  2. Rafet Quiej├║ fifteen year old admirer of Atitlan Rider Julia
  3. The Cat who loves a Fish and they are... Star Crossed

  • The Magic Pixie Dream Girl as a Trope vs Women
  • K'ek the Hunter looking through their Prism with friends
  • The ghost of someone searching for freedom playing their Ghost Drums

The most miserable characters of the year

  1. Azaril Scharlachkraut, the High Delegate of the Nameless One, swallowed by a wizard and left as a Schatten im Zwielicht
  2. Alrik, the lethargic jungle explorer in a Schummelabenteuer
  3. Tribu the stoned Slave Pit inhabitant in a Dungeon World

  • Hogrimm, bastard of dwarven King Cendrasch in a terrible Fiasco
  • Kato, the troll mutant general and arc enemy of our Schatten im Zwielicht
  • Robbers hiding in their hole happy for the police to find them in a Dragon Journey

The most eloquent characters of the year

  1. Misha, the cat running for mayor cat
  2. The Apprentice of the Evil Arch Mage is there For the Queen
  3. Philosophers of Warunk discussing the reality of the gods in a World of Aventurien
  • Looch the musical courteous courageous soldier prince mourning the King is Dead
  • The mean spirited hermit in a Wald ohne Wiederkehr
  • Salpikon Savertin is the boss of all Schatten im Zwielicht and not a friend